54 Helper

Languages: C#, Javascript
Frameworks: .NET

Written by Chris Goodwin on 2016-12-01

54 Helper was an application that I designed and developed to assist with various process' that technicians and helpdesk analyists face on a daily basis. It's a robust windows form application that handles checking for installed software, starting installation of required software, user backup, backup restoration and logging what has been done a per-user basis.

The helpdesk analysts assist a select group of users at the beginning and end of each year with a specific set of tasks. That process had previously all been done manually. The process would take anywhere from 20-30 minutes per user. Using this application the time to completion for each user is down to around 5 minutes! The savings in both time and lowering the potential for human error are invaluable when dealing with user data.

I utilized C# on this project, creating the Windows form from within Visual Studio working with the .Net 4.5 framework.