Jan 20

Quick Real Estate Photography Enhancement with Photoshop!

Posted on Tuesday, January 20, 2009 in Photography, Tutorials

We will learn how to take the dark gloomy non attractive interior photo and turn it into a light and bright inviting home with a few simple steps in photoshop. Below is the before (left) and after (right).

Before After

Open up your image in photoshop and Let’s get learning!

1. Let’s make the dark areas lighter and the super bright areas a little darker.

  • Goto Image > Adjustments > Shadow/Highlight…

-Shadows: Takes all of the dark areas and makes them lighter.
-Highlights: Takes all the light (blown out) areas and makes them darker.

Play with the sliders until your photo is looking like you would like it (Don’t over do it). Generally Shadows +30ish and Highlights +5-10. Then click OK.

2. Let photoshop do some work with auto adjustments:

  • Goto Image > Adjustments > Auto Levels
  • Goto Image > Adjustments > Auto Contrast
  • Goto Image > Adjustments > Auto¬† Color

3. Let’s brighten up the picture.

  • Goto Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast…

Generally raise the brightness +30 and to give the image some dynamics slightly up the contrast +10. Again play with these numbers to best fit your photo. Press OK.

4. Let’s make the colors really POP!

  • Goto Image > Adjusments > Hue/Saturation…

The only slider you need to worry about is the saturation (middle) one. Raise the levels to best fit your photo, generally +20-30. Click OK.

5. Let’s sharpen this puppy up!

  • Goto Filter > Sharpen > Sharpen Edges

This will make the image a little more crisp without overdoing it!

Vuala, now you have a more inviting light and bright photograph!

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Jan 16

Simple CSS Rollover with A Single Image [Tutorial]

Posted on Friday, January 16, 2009 in Tutorials, Web Design

This will be our final result using only one image. (you can download exercise files at bottom)

“Rollover me!” -says Mr.Elephant
(you can use any image you would like, not just a super cool elephant and zebra…)

How to do this? LET’S GO!

In simple terms: We are displaying only the left side of the image hiding the right half, then on rollover we are moving the image half way over to display the right side.

1. Create an image twice as wide as the size you’ll need. The left side of the image will be the non rolled over image and the right half will be the rollover part of the image.

Below is the original image.
rollover_image(260width x 108height)

2. Below is the HTML code used, make sure it has a class so our CSS code knows where to look. This will act as our CSS placeholder for the rollover image.

<a class=”imageRollover” href=”#”>¬†</a>

3. Now for the CSS that will do the magic. Let’s get the image to look like we want when nothing is rolled over:

a.imageRollover {
background: url(“rollover_image.jpg”) no-repeat; (This is the image to be used 260×108)
display: block; (this will display the entire image)
width: 130px; (display 130px wide, half the size of our image)
height: 108px; (display 108px high)
text-decoration: none; (This takes off the default styles used on links)

That will display the left half of our image. Now, we want to move our image 130px (half our image width) to the left to reveal the right side when rolled over.

a:hover.imageRollover {
background-position: -130px 0;

This moves our image 130 pixel to the left on :hover (note: background-position: Xposition Yposition)

That’s all there is to a single image rollover in CSS. ENJOY!


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