Jan 26

10 SEO Tips [that work]

Posted on Monday, January 26, 2009 in General Tips, Marketing, Web Design

Here is a list of SEO methods I find help crack the magical SEO challenge of getting your website higher up in the rankings.


Title Tags:

  • Your title should contain important keywords.
  • Use a different title on every page.

Links need titles too:

  • Add a title tag to every <a> tag and give a short description (5 words) what the link is about.
  • Tip: Be honest and don’t just cram random keywords into this section.
  • EX: <a href=“about.html” title=“Come find out more about us”>About Us</a>

Image Alt:

  • Add the Alt attribute to all of your images.
  • EX: <img src=”gnomes.jpg” alt=”A bunch of happy gnomes” />

Be standard:

  • Validate all of your work.
  • Search engines / Spiders like websites that are created properly.
  • Validate your site via w3c – Validate Now

Use common tags:

  • Be sure to use the <H1>, <H2>, <P> and other common tags.

Link around:

  • Make sure you have links coming in to as many pages as possible.


Submit your site:

  • Submit your site to Google and Yahoo
  • You only need to do it once this is just to be safe.

Local business center:

  • If you type in “restaurants 92106″ into google maps it will give you a listing of local restaurants around the area code 92106.
  • To get your site to do this, add it to Googles Local Business Center Click here to add your site

Helpful tips:

  • Get the word out by adding your URL to any account you have online (facebook, myspace, youtube account…)
  • Help people out on forums (people wit questions) and have your URL in your signature, Don’t spam. Help and they will come.
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Jan 21

How Google Analytics Tracks: Avg. Time on Site

Posted on Wednesday, January 21, 2009 in General Tips

If you’re confused why the average time for a specific visitor is 00:00:00 or is flat out lower than you’d expect don’t dump your adwords campaign just yet.


Google analytics needs at least two points (A and B) to track time. So if a visitor comes to your home page (point A) and looks at information for 1min and then click through to your about page (point B) on that click analytics records current Avg. Time on Site and will read as 1min. Now on your about page the visitor spends and additional 2mins and exits (google needs another page to record time) their Avg. Time on Site will still only read as 1min even though they spent 3min total on your page (1min home page, 2min about page). This is because Analytics did not have an ending reference point to calculate the time.

Basically analytics tracks Avg. Time on Site from page to page (when it calls the tracking code) so the last page the visitor views will not be included in their Avg. Time on Site. With that said if a visitor comes to your home page (point A) and exits no matter how long they were on that page their Avg. Time on Site will read as 00:00:00.

Hope this helps!

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