Google Simple, Apple Elegant

Posted on Friday, January 30, 2009 in General Tips, Marketing, Web Design

When designing a website or print work I can’t stress enough to K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple stupid). When somebody comes to your home page it should be clear what you want the visitor to be informed with. A good way of doing this is to give a brief description of each item (max 4-5) making your newest/best item the most prominent, and giving the visitor a CLEAR CALL TO ACTION on how they can reach this information. I’m sure you have heard people say “Where do I click?” or “Where do I go?” take out the guess work, people like things easy. An entrepreneur friend of mine lives by the motto “Google Simple, Apple Elegant” and Apple is a perfect example of the clear call to action. Visit their home page and you will notice there is no confusion on what Apple wants to share with you or how to get to that information.


Revisit your website with a fresh set of eyes and see if your website is overwhelming with content, offering 100 different paths to take or if it’s clear where to go with the important stuff.

When designing for the consumer just remember you can get your design lookin’ darn sexy while keeping the users experience easy by keeping it Google Simple, Apple Elegant.

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  1. Braddnater says:

    What if you have 20 things that are all important?

  2. admin says:

    Widdle it down the best you can. Look at it as: what services or products have the biggest return, what’s my newest item, or what’s the best gateway product that will get them in the door and buying more.

  3. Sterling says:

    Very nice post, Chris!

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