Feb 9

Peyton Manning – Funniest QB Ever?

Posted on Tuesday, February 9, 2010 in Comedy, Marketing

There is no question that Peyton Manning is in some pretty funny commercials, but is he the funniest QB the NFL has ever seen? Is Brett Farve more funny? What about Joe Montana, Now I think I’m just talking jibberish… Mr. Manning and his funny bone:

Manning Funniest Ever

Nice Stash!

Peyton Manning Funny Man

Who can play a better air guitar? Gary hall Jr.?

Attack Peyton Manning

Da… Bears!

Eli and Peyton Manning

This is a milk commercial, right?

Who is the funniest QB ever?

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Jan 12

Stand Up Comedy [Getting ready tips]

Posted on Monday, January 12, 2009 in Comedy

  • Don’t hang out with Debbie Downers before you go on, or anytime for that matter.
  • Before you go on think of a time you were super funny and bring the confidence to the stage.
  • Work the Crowd – Ask a crowd member a question about a topic you have material on (have them set you up for a joke).
  • Timing – Let the crowd go up and down. Let them come down them hit them back up before they get to the bottom.
  • Don’t try to GET laughs but GIVE laughs.
  • When you tell a joke have a stand on whether it makes you Happy, Angry, Sad let the crowd know how to feel and what they are laughing at.
  • Open up with an energy getting “How’s everybody felling!”, “Ready to have fun!”, or “Everybody ready to have sex!”
  • Watch various comics on youtube or any other medium. Don’t just watch your favorites.
  • Look at jokes as Trial and Error. Test then adjust.
  • REHEARSE practice in front of a mirror and video camera (if you can). Watch yourself and make changes where needed.

If you have fun and enjoy what your talking about, it will show through.

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