Jun 30

4 Easy Steps – Writing Good Copy

Posted on Tuesday, June 30, 2009 in General Tips, Marketing

  1. Be passionate about what you’re writing about.
    • Depending on your product/topic you should want to buy it, use it, talk to it, love it, and sell it.
  2. Know who your audience is.
    • Don’t use today’s popular slang words when 80% of your readers are 80 year old women. Write to who’s reading and have this target person be your reviewer.
  3. State benefits for the reader in less than 10sec.
    • Not about you, who cares about you? How is it going to immediately benefit the reader?
  4. Keep it short.
    • If you can say the same thing in half the words, then you probably should. Don’t ramble just to fill space, it works against you.
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